Commercial Janitorial Services in Denver, CO

Having a clean business, including floors, windows and upholstered surfaces, is key to providing top notch customer service and making a good initial impression. It’s also important to give your employees a clean and tidy working environment to ensure that they are at maximum productivity. But having the time to keep everything clean can be challenging for a small or medium-sized business that’s growing or exceptionally busy.

Denver Janitorial’s commercial cleaning services are an excellent solution for businesses throughout the Denver metro area. Our complete, affordable cleaning services can be customized to your needs, whether you require daily cleaning or an occasional spruce up. Professional cleaning staff use environmentally friendly janitorial programs for carpet and floor cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more.

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Complete Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services in Denver Your business is one-of-a-kind, so you want professionals who you can trust to treat your business with care and to perform a top-notch job. At Denver Janitorial, our aim is to ensure each one of our clients is 100 percent satisfied — and we have the skill, staff, knowledge and dedication to make that happen. Every aspect of our business cleaning services can be completely customized to work for your office.

  • We take on jobs of all sizes.
  • We service each contract on an individual basis.
  • We understand that your office environment reflects your business and is a factor in your company’s success.
  • We work with each of our customers to set tasks and schedules that accomplish your goals.

Our commercial cleaning services include full office cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning, as well as upholstery cleaning.

Customized Office Cleaning Programs

No employee wants to come to work in a dirty, musty office space. No customers want to do business with a firm who can’t pay attention to the details associated with keeping their office environment clean and fresh. We solve these issues for businesses around the Denver area and make sure your office is clean from top to bottom.

Our professional cleaning staff follow a 37-point inspection process that we’ve developed to effectively clean office and business property. We focus on cleaning entryways and halls where your clients and customers can form an impression of your business, and we make sure private employee areas like kitchens and bathrooms are spotless, down to the baseboards. We get your walls, fixtures, doors and windows and floors cleaned right the first time, every time. Our green cleaning solutions are not harsh or tough on the environment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting can look dull and aged if it’s not well cared for — even if it’s relatively new. But if you take care of your office carpeting and have it regularly cleaned, it can help improve indoor air quality by acting as a filter to trap dirt and pollutants.

Denver Janitorial works for corporate offices, retail spaces, hotels and restaurants and other commercial entities throughout the Denver area to keep their carpets clean and fresh. Scheduling regular carpet cleaning services is important to remove dirt and odors and help keep your air quality fresh. Customers who walk in can tell you care about your office environment and employees will appreciate properly maintained and good smelling carpets.

We use a 12-step process for steam cleaning and dirt extraction that includes everything from pre-treatments to thorough drying for a deep clean for your company carpets.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Your office flooring can last for many years if it’s correctly cleaned and sealed. Dirty floors send a negative message to customers and employees that you don’t care about the details. But clean floors indicate visually that you’re just as careful with your office environment as you are with the work that you do.

Regardless of whether your commercial flooring is vinyl, ceramic tile, concrete, natural stone or rubber, Denver Janitorial can refresh and renew the surface. Our professional flooring experts can strip, clean and wax or seal your floors to make them shine, ensuring that your floors are a visual and physical symbol of your attention to customer service and cleanliness.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

The condition of your office furniture can easily be overlooked, but that results in dusty and stained couches and chairs. Keep your upholstered office furnishings as clean as the rest of your business with regular upholstery cleaning.

Denver Janitorial follows a careful 10-step process for assessing, pre-treating, cleaning and drying the upholstered furniture in your Denver office. Our staff refreshes their training frequently to ensure the latest techniques are in use. Your furnishings will be stain free and smell great no matter how much use it gets.

Safety and Security Matters

Hiring a business cleaning service requires a leap of faith and a lot of trust. We make sure your trust is not misplaced by hiring only the best professionals and ensuring they are properly trained to deliver the commercial janitorial services you need.

Because our employees reflect our work and our values, we are committed to make sure each person who works for Denver Janitorial remains safe and free from injury. We teach our staff how to avoid accidents and keep the work environment safe for both themselves and your workers. We also provide all the necessary safety equipment for each person, and we adhere to OSHA and ANSI standards for all the jobs we perform.

Sustainability: Keep it Green

All the products we use are environmentally friendly and safe for any workplace. We use are committed to continuing to refine our commercial cleaning practices to provide green solutions for all our clients.

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Our practices and emphasis on safety help keep Denver Janitorial at the top of the industry, but that doesn’t mean that our prices are high. We strive to be affordable for our many clients, small and large, throughout the Denver area. By creating a custom plan for your business needs, we can base our pricing only on the exact services we perform. Contact us today to get started in putting together a free quote for a commercial cleaning service program that will effectively meet your needs.