Spring Cleaning in Denver

spring cleaning

denver-spring-cleaning The appearance of your office environment reflects the success of your business.  A clean office or business exhibits the professionalism of your organization.   Outsourcing your commercial cleaning with Pike Enterprises, dba Denver Janitorial, saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus more on your core objectives.

This is a great time of year to consider a Spring cleaning and monthly janitorial cleaning service to maintain the “Spring Cleaning” feeling.

Pike Enterprises, dba Denver Janitorial is an environmentally friendly “green” commercial janitorial cleaner.  Our commitment to green goes beyond products, all the way down to proper disposal and recycling methods.  We use citrus-based environmentally friendly cleaning solutions – safe for children, pets, allergy sufferers and our planet.  Denver Janitorial continually works to reduce waste, improve processes and preserve natural resources.

No matter your square footage and whether you’re looking for a cleaner for 1 or 7 nights per week.  We currently clean 5 million square feet in the Greater Denver area.  Call us for a walk-through and bid.

Springtime Freshness: Commercial Floor Cleaning Solutions in Denver

Janitorial Services in Denver | Day Porters for hire

Spring Clean Floors Floors are a big part of the first impression your customers have when they enter your property.  Pike Enterprises, dba Denver Janitorial, can restore the beauty and help extend the life of your floors.

Spring is a good time to think about having your floors cleaned after all the Winter foot traffic tracking in snow and ice and mud.

For VCT Tile, we strip off old waxes down to the tile pores, seal the tile and apply coats of wax.  You can choose to have a high gloss or dull finish applied.  Pike Enterprises, dba Denver Janitorial can also scrub off all the old grime that builds up and re-coat your floor with fresh wax and polish to a high gloss, without a full strip and wax.

Don’t forget your ceramic tile, Pike Enterprises, dba Denver Janitorial can machine deep scrub off all of the old grime and residue, clean the grout and re-seal the tiles.

Make sure you’re making a great first impression.  Let Pike Enterprises, dba Denver Janitorial help.  Let your floors shine!

Achieving Crystal Clear Windows: Commercial Cleaning in Denver during Spring

window-cleaningYour windows are a reflection of your business…both literally and figuratively.  Spring is a great time to have your windows cleaned to let the sun shine in!

Our window cleaning company in Denver promises you will receive the finest service available.  We train and ensure that all of our cleaners provide a streak free window clean.  We clean the window frame as well.  Beyond a professional level of cleanliness, we also ensure that our staff observes industry best practices for safely and sustainability.  Our staff is regularly trained and equipment maintained to keep everyone safe and productive.  Because of our diligence to safety and quality, we are able to quickly get the job done right.

You will find that our pricing is entirely based on your needs.  Every business is different and we want to make sure that you are getting the exact janitorial services you require.  No more…no less.  Simply let us know your specific needs for window cleaning in Denver and we will put together a pricing package just for your company.

As always, regular janitorial customers receive a discount for additional services such as window cleaning.