Top Reasons to Choose a New Janitorial Service in Denver

When looking for a new commercial cleaning service in Denver, look no further than Denver Janitorial Services. Pike Enterprises offers customized commercial cleaning for businesses and organizations that need professional custodial services. Not sold yet? Here are four factors to consider when looking for a commercial cleaning service company in Denver that will best suit your cleaning needs.

What should you look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Product & Deliverables

commercial cleaning of schools, churches, medical facilities, and office buildingsYour first step in choosing a commercial cleaning service is to decide what type of services you need and how much you want to spend. Do you need window washing or floor care? Or do you need simple janitorial services? Or do you need a full complement of services from floor to ceiling and beyond?  

Once you decide your scope of work and your budget, look for a commercial cleaning service that has experience in your industry. Ask for a list of their current clients in your arena. Your business is unique, so make sure the cleaning company understands your requirements and has the experience to deliver the service you need.

After you pick a commercial cleaning service, be sure they deliver what your contract specifies. For instance, a cleaning service may say they will strip and wax floors or carpets 4 times a year, but may only do it once! Pike Enterprises will always follow through on our promise to you. Baby-sitting your cleaning service is not a good use of your time and is a waste of your money. 

At Denver Janitorial Services, we have experience in a myriad of industries in Denver, including schools, churches, medical, retail, and other commercial settings. We also service industrial facilities, such as distribution plants and warehouses. Our clients include Valor Christian HS, Cherry Hills Community Church and School, Pepsi Bottling, Pepsi Distribution, Aurora Public Schools, Englewood Schools, Bradford Early Education Daycare, and more. We can provide tailored cleaning solutions for your unique project specifications and scope of work. 

Staffing & Professionalism

commercial cleaning professionalsCleaning staff work after hours in your business, so make sure the commercial cleaning service you hire has vetted their staff. Ask if they screen employees with background checks. And, consider asking about the turnover rate for their employees. 

In the cleaning industry, turnover rates can be very high. This kind of revolving door can lead to scheduling issues and impact the quality and consistency of cleaning services. At Pike, our culture and staff are founded on principles of hard work and good character. 

Employees at any commercial cleaning service should undergo robust training to deliver services seamlessly and safely. Look for a company that prioritizes health and safety. Ask if they comply with mandatory safety standards. And choose a company that operates with a commitment to both environmental and employee health and safety. Denver Janitorial Services adheres to OSHA and ANSI standards for all jobs we perform.

A unique aspect of Pike Enterprises is our salaried supervisors, not cleaners—true supervisors—who ensure easy and consistent communication streams with our clients. We also have a high degree of owner involvement. Pike will always do what it says, follow the service schedule, and deliver quality cleaning services.

Reviews & Testimonials

commercial cleaning google reviewsWhen considering the hire of a commercial cleaning service, do your research! Not only online but also in person. Ask for references, locate testimonials, and seek word-of-mouth recommendations by talking with your colleagues and competitors to see what cleaning services they use.

Read a company’s online reviews. Search for mention of issues and see how they were handled. Look for company replies to comments, both positive and negative. 

Search out a company’s social media profile and look for complaints by customers or employees. Take the time to read comments on posts. These aren’t always the most reliable, but they can give you some insight into the customers and employees of the company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments and see if you can crowdsource an answer.

Ask for a list of current customers and call a few of the relevant ones. Companies can’t always post reviews, especially large corporations, but you might call someone and have an off-the-books conversation. You could also go do a site visit of a business to see if the facility is sparkling clean.

You may also want to run or ask for a credit check to verify the financial viability of the cleaning company. 

At Denver Janitorial Services, our motto is, “The greatest compliment we could receive is a referral.”

Insurance & Price

For peace of mind, make sure that you hire a commercial cleaning service that is both bonded and insured. Hiring a bonded and insured cleaning company provides the most comprehensive protection of their business and you, the client. 

Ask what type of insurance the company carries. A reputable company will have General Liability, Workers Comp, Automotive Liability and an Umbrella Policy to protect both themselves and your property. 

Look for a company that provides transparency in their pricing by providing detailed invoices. Vague invoices may hide overcharging. 

Your business is not just your square footage, make sure the commercial cleaning service understands how you use your space and what the high-traffic or problem areas are. Don’t pay for services you don’t need or use. Look for clear and easy-to-understand price quotes and invoices. If something doesn’t make sense or seems unnecessary, ask questions.

And remember, don’t make your decision on price alone. Consider all the above factors and look for the commercial cleaning service that checks all the boxes. Call Pike Enterprises today for a free quote and see if we can deliver our exceptional cleaning services to your business.

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